Rediscover Fun in Sand Creek Park at $87,500

Maybe this is #1. Year 'round creek for 1/4 mile, lots of Pines and Aspens. 1/4 mile to Nat'l Forest and BLM. Old wagon on hillside welcomes you to a very private valley. Nomad 21' camper puts you close to the creek. Great area for ATV riding, exploring, hunting and fishing 8 miles of private stream, beaver ponds, or just plain relaxing. Owner insists buyers be accompanied by agent to view the property.

  • Year 'round creek for 1/4 mile
  • Lots of nice tree cover
  • Very Close to National Forest and BLM
  • 1975 21' Nomad Camp trailer included
  • Summertime recreation
Acres +/- 40
Association Dues (Yearly) $  120
Property Taxes $  1493
Location 1 1/2 hrs NW of Ft Collins CO
  30 min South of Laramie WY
MLS No 915862
Address TBD
Price $  87,500
Information obtained from reliable sources and believed to be accurate

What's important to you?

Seasonal use
Prefer vacant land
Eventually live or retire
Off-grid is okay
Other types of use
Price less than $50,000
Assitance to obtain financing

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