Come explore Northern Colorado's mountain land, cabins and ranches   

Sand Creek Park
Chimney Rock . . . An awesome monolith of sandstone marking the Colorado-Wyoming border, stands as a monument to nature's creativity. In the shadow of Chimney Rock lies another such monument . . . Sand Creek Park

Once a favored hunting ground for Indian braves, as evidenced by numerous arrowhead and spear-point discoveries, the Sand Creek country eventually became home for a touch and determined group of homesteaders. They "proved up" their claims and scratched out a living. Some were sheep herders; some potato farmers; but all, like the Indians before them, were hunters and fishermen. The depended on the extensive deer, elk and antelope herds for their meat and, for variety, fresh trout from the waters of Sand Creek.

The homesteaders are history now, bought out by large cattle ranches years ago, but their spirit lives on. Cabins built of hand-hewn logs still stand; cool, clear springs still bubble from the earth providing precious water for the vast wildlife populations.

Located in the southernmost portion of the Wyoming Basin, where it enters Northern Colorado - Sand Creek Park is the Colorado portion of the Chimney Rock Ranch. Sand Creek enjoys the distinction of being one of the top recreational areas in Northern Colorado.

The location is beautiful park land with rolling terrain, surrounded by high bluffs and thousands of acres of State and National Forest. Prior to modern ranching, archaeologists tell us thousands of buffalo were harvested along the huge sandstone bluffs. A number of owners continue to find Indian artifacts, arrowheads, tools and buffalo skulls.

Access is by two-wheel drive car in summer or under ideal weather and road conditions. In winter months, nature takes a break from all of the activity, as snow blankets the ranch, limiting access to only the most hardy. Owners drill for water or haul water in for the weekend. There are no public utilities serving the area. Solar energy, generators, wind turbines and cellular phone service provide alternatives.

The Landowners' Association collect $3.00 per acre per year and .92 cents for a special assessment for the fiscal year 2018-2019, for which the owners enjoy a stocked trout stream, security patrols during certain critical times of year, and summer road maintenance.

"Stake Your Claim" in Sand Creek country. Fish in over 8 miles of private trout stream and beaver ponds; enjoy an unsurpassed view of Bull Mountain and the Snowy Range; hunt deer, elk, and antelope with rifle or camera on the adjoining State and National Forest lands.
The Meadow
'The Meadow,' written by James Galvin is a historical novel traveling through the life and eyes of Lyle Van Waning. The book chronicles life along the Colorado/Wyoming border, and tells of many neighbors and the events that have enriched the lives of many. Sand Creek Park, once known as the Chimney Rock Ranch, has its corner of the book, following the early ranch homesteaders often raising sheep, to a vast 36,000 acre cattle ranch, which now is the home to several hundred families sharing nature experiences in the high mountain atmosphere. Pictures are of the meadow, and Lyle's home.