Virginia Dale was one of the most noted localities in the western country in the early days. It was known far and wide, its name and fame being spread from ocean to ocean by Overland Stage travelers, described by magazine writers and newspaper correspondence and discussed in public places all over the country, often in terms of praise and again with awe and superstition. The Overland stage line was established in June 1862. Jack Slade was appointed division agent and had charge of the station the first year.

Virginia Dale is located in the Black Hills in the northern part of Larimer County, just 40 miles northwest of Fort Collins. In the mid 1860's Virginia Dale was a noted camping place for emigrant trains. Virginia Dale is well-known for its scenic beauty, being one of the only spots along Colorado's US Hwy 287 where it climbs through beautiful red granite rock outcroppings and tall Ponderosa Pine. In recent years the Benedictine Abbey of Saint Walburga completed their 2nd Abbey in Virginia Dale, which is home to about 20 nuns.

Always known as a ranching community, there are several large cattle ranches in the area, and in recent years a few parcels have been developed as 35+ acre homesites, allowing relative newcomers to share the beauty of the area.


Livermore (80536), Colorado, averages 17 inches of rain with 112 inches of snow annually. On average, there are 233 sunny days per year in Livermore. The average July high is 81 degrees, and the January average low is 15.

Area and Employment

Fort Collins is a robust community of approximately 160,000 people, with a reputation for good schools and the home of Colorado State University. The CSU Veterinarian Hospital supports seven states which provide support for livestock agricultural and domestic animals.

Technology companies have moved into the area to take advantage of the pool of available high tech and engineering talent, and employees have found Fort Collins to be an attractive town to raise a family.

Many move to Fort Collins Colorado to be close to the mountains to hunt, fish, and hang out!

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