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Why Us

Cabin Country is a locally owned real estate company bringing ownership benefits of the scenic high country to buyers since the '70's. We are an experienced service organization, dedicated to supporting the mountain community with deep knowledge of the ins and outs of the market. Understanding the concept of selling mountain property doesn't start or end with your transaction.

General information, photographs and maps don't take the place of experience and area knowledge. It's difficult to convey the beauty and opportunities for outdoor fun through the internet. That's where we make the difference.

Realtor Status Not every real estate agent is a REALTOR. In addition to licensing requirements, REALTORS attend seminars ranging in subject matter and belong to a professional organization, subscribing to a rigorous Code of Ethics. Industry standards or protocols can give you certain expectations of fair play and honest dealing. Go with a REALTOR in every real estate transaction. There is a difference!

What we do Whether selling or buying mountain property, Cabin Country will help you understand the process. We specialize in all aspects of mountain property ownership and transfer, and provide the expertise and know-how of a qualified third party to guide you through the real estate transaction and closing. We want to provide you with personalized service you deserve.

If you are buying There are numerous benefits derived from dealing with a land specialist; a land broker trained to find a specific acreage suitable for your recreational or investment needs.

Some of these benefits are : Time saver. We'll listen to you; so we can best match your interest and requirements and attempt to match your requirements with available properties.

Color photos, maps, and flyers are available which will help us get started. If we don't have what you're looking for, we won't waste your time. We will not only find your piece of the Colorado high country; but also be here in the event you decide to sell at a later date.

Financing. Once you commit to a specific property, we will get you to the mortgage professional that will go over the loan choices.

If you are Selling We will provide recent sales information to help you make an informed decision. Through our years of experience, we know the reasons why people do not buy, as well as the reasons they do.

We will make any suggestions necessary to make your particular property more attractive to potential buyers.

We will cut through many of the delays in getting to the closing table. Once the agreement has been accepted, we know how to get the paperwork done quickly and efficiently.

About Us

Bill McClelland Broker Emeritus®

As a 4th generation Fort Collin resident, I grew up on a ranch enjoying the outdoors. After serving in the Army, I settled into a real estate career. Being in the mountains is where I belong. You might say working to connect buyers with mountain properties is my passion!

To serve the Colorado mountain communities, I started Cabin Country in 1974. We soon recognized the demand for mountain parcels, both for recreation and year 'round living. I began developing mountain ranches in Northern Colorado, creating parcels of land for public consumption. Concepts of development were uniquely applied, taking into account the nature of the terrain, access to utilities, and distance from an economic base. Cabin Country is still providing real estate needs to our clients, listing and selling mountain ranches, land, cabins and homes, primarily in northern Colorado.

Jeanie McClelland Administrative Assistant

Jeanie McClelland Administrative Assistant

Being a part of Cabin Country, I have learned the paper trail is an important part of the process. Details are important, and I am dedicated to assisting both sellers and buyers, keeping them informed throughout the process.

I enjoy the diversity of tasks a day brings and even the unexpected challenges tomorrow brings. It makes my days very interesting and unpredictable. I get to meet (in person or via email) a wide variety of people – and sometimes I refer to myself as "the email lady!"


The high country of Colorado appeals to nearly every person that comes into our state, whether they first view the snow capped mountains or lush mountain meadows, there are many facets of our mountains that fills a need.

Reflecting on why you are in the market to buy mountain property will give you a clue as to the reality of ownership. Aspects of your purchase decision, whether it is the tree cover, views, meadows, rock outcrops or wildlife enjoyment, may be an important preservation or environmental concern. You will join a new community of sorts, and while your low density environment should provide privacy, generally protective covenants are used to provide a neighborhood framework and promote preservation. In town you have a series of ordinances governing society; rural laws have historically related to farm or ranch ownership. We are now "catching up" with urban pressure to preserve the character and natural surroundings. Covenants provide the basis for agreements, and regulate nuisances, i.e. unsupervised pets or livestock, excessive noise, shoddy construction or noxious activity.

Not all of the mountains are suitable for year 'round living under normal circumstances. Some questions you might want to think about are : Do we need electricity? What kind of time are we willing to drive?

Construction Considerations While you may opt for more conventional construction, there are numerous log companies awaiting your land purchase, with various levels of experience. Check references, and look at the various design options to assure energy efficiency and climate compatibility. The UBC (Uniform Building Code) will identify structural requirements. Your project will require a building permit. Should you drill a well you will start the process by obtaining a permit from the State of Colorado. Septic tanks and leach field permits for septic systems are required. With adequate plans and careful site consideration, permits are not difficult to obtain. Having a good excavator can save money by identifying proper site considerations and minimizing or consolidating utility extensions.

Mineral and Water Rights Typically the Sellers will transfer all mineral rights they own, but in many cases mineral rights were separated from surface ownership years ago. If you are concerned about mineral reservations, try to get a feel as to historical mineral activity in the local area. Look for unusual diggings or old mine shafts. Sometimes old sites are opened with newer techniques. Ask the local county government about mining operations. Water rights are generally associated with irrigation ditches on your property. You may acquire historical water rights; however in most cases you will not have the right to divert water from on your property. Provided you are purchasing a larger acreage, i.e. 35 acres or more, you should be able to drill a well without having prior water rights.

Occasionally the seller of mountain property may offer financing. You may find it easier to refinance your home or take out a home equity loan. With good credit, the seller generally extends financing for 75% of the purchase price. There are numerous advantages to pre-arranged financing.

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